FDE Introduced dress code

Federal Directorate of Education has been notified about the teachers dress should be appropriate for all women & men in educational institutes. FDE asked that the dressing of a teacher may impact on students. Clothing can change the way of learning and way of teaching also.

As per notification, FDE has banned completely wearing the jeans & tights and men teachers cannot wear jeans & T-Shirts in the schools. Along with this, FDE instructed to female teachers that they should have to wear Gowns & Hijab in the class & Schools premises.

Dress code guideline

For women, a simple and decent shalwar kameez/trousers shirt with dupatta/shawl has been notified. Only formal shoes, which include pumps, loafers, and mules, are allowed.

For Male teachers, they will not be permitted to wear shawls during winter but can wear sweaters, coats, and jerseys.

All non-teaching staff is required to maintain presentably and wear neat, clean, and properly ironed clothes and proper shoes.

Apart from this, some people criticize the decision of the government & a social media user tweeted that the focus is on everything else except education.

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