University of Health Science UHS Lahore examinations department of M.Phil in Medical Laboratory Science has declared the exams date sheet for all concerned students. Now candidates who have enrolled in 1st Year and 2nd year annual examinations 2023 for University of Health Science Lahore will be held according to the latest schedule. Papers will be started from 12th September 2023 in the subjects of Oral Biology, Oral Pathology, Community Dentistry, and Science of Dental Materials 1) General Pathology, 2) General Anatomy, 3) Biochemistry, 4) Oral Histology, 5) Oral Physiology. 6) Immunology, 7) Molecular Biology & Cytogenetic, 8) Microbiology, 9) Dental Health Education and Planning, 10) Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering 11) Nutrition, 12) Behavioral Sciences.

last date for submission of Admissions at UHS is 24 August 2023 with single fee 31st August 2023 is with double fee. Candidates can download easily complete admissions form at Date Sheets of UHS has been attached here below for all candidates.

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