Bahauddin Zakaria University BZU Undergraduate and Postgraduate admissions 2023 are now open for all candidates. Now interested candidates from different areas can apply in many subjects including BS Business Administration, BS Physics, BS Chemistry, BS Biochemistry, BS Mathematics, BS Statistics, BS Botany, BS Zoology, BS Biotechnology, BS Environmental Science, BS Computer Science (BSCS), BS Information Technology, BS Transportation System BSTS, BS Microbiology, BSc Agricultural Engineering, BSc Food Sciences & Technology, BS Urdu, BS English, BS Islamic Studies, BS Arabic, BS Arthropology, BS Social Work, BS Library & Information Science, BS Public Policy, BS Criminology, BS Public Finance, BS Educational Planning & Management, BS Economics, BS International Relation, BS Education, BS Pakistan Studies, BS Psychology, BS Sociology, BS Communication Studies, BS Gender Studies, BS History, BS Accounting & Finance, BS Commerce, BSc Civil Engineering, BSc Electrical Engineering, BSc Mechanical Engineering, BSc Computer Engineering, BSc Building & Architectural Engineering, BSc Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, BSc Textile Engineering, BS Education Planning & Management EPM, BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics, BS Sensory Education, BSc Poultry Sciences (Hons), BSc Farm Management, BSc (Hons) Agriculture Water Management, BS (Hons), BS Philosophy, BS Political Science, BS Siraiki, BS Education, BS Communication Studies, BS Special Education, BS Forestry, BS Anthropology, BS Business Economics, BS Economics & Finance, BS (Entrepreneurship), BS Geography, BS (Microbiology & Molecular Genetics), BS Molecular Biology, BS Sports Science, BS Supply Chain Management, BS Graphic Design, BS Public Health, BS Peace and Conflicts Studies, BS Heritage & Tourism, BS (Development Studies),

Last date for submission of online application for undergraduate program including 28th June 2023 and 25th August 2023 is MS/M.Phil and PhD. You can get all details here below and also get BZU fee structure details.

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