Prize Bond List Draw # Result 01-01-1970

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Search and find out the prize bond draw number of Rs. prize bond results. Rs. draw # held in is being announced on 01st January 1970 Thursday. Check full denomination list of Rs. prize bond here on Get prize bond list result of 01-Jan-1970 and according to the website for all prize bond lists).

Rs. prize bond holders can win 1st prize of worth inam Rs. to winner. The 2nd prize of the prize bond Rs. has a worth of Rs. and it is awarded to lucky winners each. The third prize of the prize bond is given to participants and its amout is Rs./- for each winner.

Prize Bond Ki Qurandazi 2024

Bond Worth City Date First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Rs PKR 01-01-1970 PKR PKR PKR

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Draw of on 01 Jan 1970

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Prize Bond List Result 01-01-1970

Prize Bond List FAQs

What is the first prize of Bond 2024?

This first prize for Rs. prize bond list is and it is awarded to a single winner.

How can I check my prize bonds online?

You can check all the prize bond list results Rs. by visiting and click on the prize bond link in the menu. Search for your prize bond rupees denomination and thats it.

Do Prize Bonds contact you if you win?

You have to keep on checking the prize bond draws rs. regularly to claim your prize.

How do I claim my prize bond money?

There is a claim form to get your Rs. prize bond money just fill it out and submit it along with a copy of your NIC to the State Bank of Pakistan. You can download the claim form form as well.

How I check my prize bond number?

Enter your Rs. prize bond number in the top input box, after you finish entering six digit of your prize bond rupees , you will get your prize bond result.Or just scroll down the list and check it manually on this page.

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