Good news for students, the first merit list 2023 for Bachelor’s degree admissions in 2023 has been published by COMSATS University Islamabad CUI. The next merit list will follow on August 09, 2023. CUI is a prominent public sector university in Pakistan that attracts thousands of students for its Computer Science and IT programs. It also offers a variety of academic programs in basic sciences and emerging technologies, along with a network of interdisciplinary research centers that provide opportunities for higher studies leading to MS and PhD degrees. CUI held an entry test for its engineering programs and the merit for these programs has risen. COMSATS University Islamabad was established in 1998 and is one of the most rapidly-growing research-focused institutions in Pakistan.

COMSATS University Islamabad has grown in multiple ways since its inception, with eight fully functional campuses, a large number of students, faculty members, academic programs, research output, and public outreach. It aims to fulfill its three-fold mission of Research and Discovery, Teaching and Learning, and Outreach and Public Service, which makes it a preferred choice for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Moreover, CUI is currently ranked at Number 03 among General Universities of Pakistan, at Number 01 in Computer Science and IT, and at Number 02 in Research Productivity in Pakistan by Higher Education Commission (HEC Ranking 2015, issued in February 2016). CUI has also been ranked among the top 250 Asian Universities recently. CUI has also set up the Student Startup Business Center SSBC to foster and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the Academic environment.

Merit List 2023 COMSATS University Islamabad

The merit list for 2023 admissions in COMSATS Islamabad is out. The final merits for all Undergraduate programs are listed below. The merit for some programs may drop by 1% in the next merit lists.

BS Computer Sciences88.18
BS Software Engineering86.82
BS Artificial  Intelligence86.47
BS Cyber Security85.42
BS Data Sciences85.02
BS Computer Engineering80.77
BS (Business Data Analytics)70.67
BS Electrical Engineering66.49
BS Electrical Electronics Engineering64.34
BS Accounting & Finance61.02
BS Business Administration57.45
BS Bio Sciences53.64
BS (Chemistry)53.04
BS Bio Informatics51.87
BS Physics51.64
BS English51.05
BS Electronics51.02
BS Math50.40
BS Economics50.08
BS (Remotc Sensing & GIS)50.08
BS (Auditing & Taxation)50.06
BS Psychology50.04
BS (Media & Communication Studies)50.02
COMSATS University Islamabad Merit List 2023 CUI

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