PM Khan launches Eurobond

Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan participate as a chief guest in a ceremony which is held for the Eurobond launching. Prime minister of Pakistan appreciate the chairperson of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and the authority as well.

To raise 500 million dollars through green euro issued by WAPDA Pakistan thorough Financing in Diamer Bhasha & Mohmand dams. This process will be done through Prize bonds financing.

PM Imran Khan with the sorrow stated that, in the Pakistan most of the project launched but unfortunately never finish accurately. The Pakistan will never grow if we will not complete the long term projects.

Imran Khan asked that when we were in the childhood, the Pakistan was at different status in the world. Our economy, exports employment everything was good & we were top 5 in the Asia.

He states that our doctors, Nurses, and paramedic staff is not enough for requirement. Imran Khan praised his government and asked that we introduce the health cards system in Pakistan, and now this project is most effective in the country. This system helps many poor families to afford hospital expenses.

He added, “Private hospitals across the country will increase due to the health system”

Imran khan added that we start a billion tree projects in Pakistan where we planted a lot of trees in Pakistan. he states that this project will also help the people livelihoods and tourism.  He says I am assured that this project will be completed in the 2023.

Best industrialization and creation of wealth is the priority of this government.

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