Muslim Girls name

People are always looking for a good name for their daughters and Mulsim girls names are much important for all parents. we are here advising the peoples about the best Muslim Daughters names / Best Muslim Girls Names with their meanings. The most popular Islamic names for girls vary greatly, but they are all meaningful as was recommended by Islam. Name meaning is much important for the personality of any person.

Here below we have attached some important Girls Muslim names with complete Islamic Meaning. As you know Names to avoid include any name associated with a person of immoral character. So we have written below best Islamic Daughters names here.

  1. Aabidah: Worshipper, devotee
  2. Aakifah: Devoted, dedicated
  3. Aaliyah: High exalted, to ascend
  4. Aamaal: Hopes, aspirations, wishes
  5. Aamira: Prosperous, full of life
  6. Adara: Virgin
  7. Adeela: Who execute equitable justice
  8. Adiva: Agreeable, gentle
  9. Afifa: Chaste, virtuous, modest
  10. Aisha: The name of the favorite wife of the Prophet Mohammed
  11. Aiza: A woman with outstanding qualities
  12. Aleena: Fair, beautiful, soft
  13. Aliyah or Aliyyah: High exalted, to ascend, highest social standing
  14. Amira: Princess, wealthy, ruler
  15. Ayesha: Woman life
  16. Bashirah: Bringer of good tidings, joy
  17. Basma: A smile
  18. Bisma: Politely
  19. Bushra: Good news or omen
  20. Eshaal: To kindle or to enliven
  21. Faiza: Successful one or winner
  22. Fareeha: Happy, joyful
  23. Fareen: Blessed, fortunate
  24. Fatima: Captivating
  25. Hadith: History, tradition
  26. Hafsa: Cub or lioness
  27. Haniya: Joy, pleasant, to be happy
  28. Heba: Gift, blessing from God
  29. Iba: High status, exalted, sublime and superb
  30. Iqra: And it belongs to origin
  31. Jannah: Paradise, heaven
  32. Jasmine: Persian flower name
  33. Junaina: Little garden or little paradise
  34. Khadija: The first wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PUBH)
  35. Laiba: Angel of heaven
  36. Mahnoor: Moonlight
  37. Mariam: Virgin, figurative, or pious
  38. Maryam: Lady of the sea
  39. Mehar: Love, friendship, sun
  40. Mehreen: Sun-like or loveable
  41. Nadia: Shouting girl
  42. Nazia: Proud women
  43. Neha: Loving, affectionate, rain
  44. Noor: Light or shine
  45. Nura: Light
  46. Nyasia: Most beautiful one
  47. Rabiah: Monks or dervishes who abandon worldly possessions
  48. Reyhana: Sweet smelling flower of paradise
  49. Rida: Contentment and state of being obedient towards God
  50. Rimsha: Beautiful flower

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