Education is the most important instrument for any society and people to look forward and to learn latest technology. Better education provides better facilities to all citizen of any state. Here we are discussing about the Best top ten countries one by one which are best in their education policies. after reading this content about the education in the countries, you will be able to understand that which country has best policies and best set up for education. So read below completely and we have enlisted the top best countries which are best in the education in all over the world.


Canada is a developed country which is located near United states of America. Canada is the most educated country in the world in the statistics of 2022. Canada has best literacy rate of 60% according to OECB. In Canada, 89% of total population has obtained at least secondary education. The Prime Minister of Canada advised to all country that education is the nation’s greatest resource.


The second most educated country in the world is Russia. The Russia has 56.70% literacy rate according to OECD. Ministry of Education and Sciences has taken effective steps to improve educational activities in the state of Russia.


Maximum number of citizen of Japan can read and write mathematic, sciences and many more. Japan is the 3rd Most Educated country in the world with 52. 70% literacy rate. According to Japanese education system, Six years are elementary school education, three years for junior high school and three years for high schools. Compulsory education lasts for 9 years through elementary and junior high school.


Israel has fourth place in the education sector throughout the world after missive effort. Almost 47% of Israelions have have maintained a degree for their survival. When it comes to secondary education between the age of 25-64 only 16% have failed in their secondary education.

South Korea

South Korea is the most educated country in the world at the number of sixth. latest statistics asks that almost 50.70% of population has the degree of secondary education in the South Korea. South Korean people are also considered as on of the best skilled people in the world.

United State of America

Institute in USA are ranking best in the world and USA also considered top ten educational state in the world. USA universities are considered top ranked in the world in different sectors of education and disciplines. As far as the recent research the United States has decreased to their level of educational factors. But similarly, on an average 89% of the age between 25 to 64 Americans has managed to complete their secondary education.


Education is compulsory for all children between the age of six to sixteen. Some schools in the ireland has some maximum age limits but from 3rd year, a children can start the education in Ireland. The Ireland is a state with the population of 5,020,199 and literacy rate of 49.90%. The population of Ireland is at number 124 in the world which is to much less as compared to others.

United Kingdom UK

The literacy rate in United Kingdom is 49.40% which is considered best in the world. The education system in UK is far better and good as compared to other world. The education system in the UK is divided into four main parts, primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education.


The total population of Australia is 26,068,792 and Australia is the ranked at 55 in the world. Australia is considered top ten best educated country in the world with the literacy rate of 49.30%. from the age of 5 years students have to study at least 16 to 17 years to complete mandatory education.

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