Benefits of Technology in Education

Technology is an application of science to solve a problem and Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.
But technology and science are different subjects which work hand in hand to accomplish a specific task or solve a particular problem.

Benefits of Technology in Education

Now a day it’s a basic need of the world to improve the education system which is impossible without modern technology or Internet. Improving education is a huge issue. Against other countries our seen performance and other factors have pushed education to the front of national politics, right behind health care reform. Technology can be used to improve teaching and learning and help our students to be successful in their life.

In different countries the schools or classes sizes are always be desired according to the need of people but technology cannot do that types of things physically. But technology can be a “force multiplier” for the teacher. Sometimes it’s quite be possibility that the teacher is not available for the classroom or students then the only source of their help is web sites, online tutorials and much more to assist them through internet. It is all due to the modern technology.
With the help of Internet technology education doesn’t stop at the end of the school day because students have access to teachers, resources, and assignments through the websites, online tutorials and access these resources at any time. Students can also get help and tutoring at any time, even they can talk with Teachers and discuss their course problems through email or online collaboration.

Internet technology education

In these days mostly parents are busy in their schedules because they work in offices, companies etc so that why they have no time or little time to help their children in home works due to their busy life sometimes even it’s not possible for them to attend school meetings or conferences so at that time technology helps them because parents involvement in education is necessary for their children. Parents can go to a class website and see what their child is working on, they can contact teachers via email and web sites, and they can even check their child’s attendance and grades through online systems in their leisure time. They can also talk to their children from work via email and instant messaging.

In education it is the basic thing for students to memorize that what teacher taught them for that purposes Teachers have many types of inquiry projects which is the way to get students to think rather than memorize. These group projects also help students build important skills such as communications, team work, critical thinking and problem solving. But now with Technology, students can create things such as web sites, blogs, and multimedia presentations as part of their project. They can use the web for research and as a resource. They can connect with students at other schools and do collaborative work with them.

Money is also basic need of education because without money students and teachers are unable to purchase books, notebooks and other such relevant things which is necessary for education but now due to the latest technology there is no need to purchase expensive books and paper because virtual field trips, Past Papers, electronic forms or mail, printed memo’s, virtual labs, electronic textbooks, and the thousands of free online resources can all save money and give students or learners excellent educational experiences. Even students pr learners can attend online seminars and conferences which are mostly free. They can also create personal learning networks with Twitter, and other resources to find and share ideas and resources.

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