Sindh High Court Cambridge Exams 2021

The additional attorney general ask to Sindh High Court that the decision of physical exams of O & A levels in last year was taken after the approval of National Command and Operation Centre

In yesterday hearing, Sindh Court notify that the O & A levels exams will be held as the per the policy of Government. Shafqat Mahmood the Education Minister of Pakistan already announced that the exams of all classes will not be cancelled in this year and students cannot pass without assessment.

Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar on backing this, ask the Federal Government to provide proper justification on their decision and also ask to petitioner should also submit their reply.

Both parties have been directed to argue on the case on April 22.

Students speak to court for cancellation of exams

On April 10th Students under the O level and A level of study reached the Sindh High Court to cancel their O/A level of exams because of current COVID-19 situation and also request that students should pass through School Assessed Grades.

In start of this month, Government decided to conduct O level exams on May 10 and also declared that the A level exams will be on April 26.

In conflicting of this, The petition said that the conducting of physical exams is very dangerous for thousands of students and it is a big risk for the students life because it is unlawful under the following sections of the Constitution of Pakistan.

  • Section 4: Right of every individual to be dealt with in accordance with the law, etc
  • Section 8: Laws inconsistent with or in derogation of Fundamental Rights to be void
  • Section 9: Security of person
  • Section 25: Equality of citizens and Right to education

In the petition they stated that Cambridge can see the options of evaluating the students by the method of School Assessed Grades. On the basis of student’s online classes and assignment and participation, student should be graded.

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