A pairing scheme is a document that help students to prepare for the exams. The document includes different topics and sections of a particular subject’s paper. The pairing schemes are developed by educational boards based on previous years’ exams, current curriculum, and feedback from subject experts. It is a good helping document for students as it provides a clear understanding of the exam paper and their format to help them focus on their studies and on the most relevant topics.

The 9th Class Education Pairing Scheme 2023 for Punjab Board provides guidance on how to structure and present your exam paper. It’s essential or important to know how to fill out your paper correctly to do well in the exam. To learn how to format or structure your paper, you can work with your teachers, practice with past and sample papers, and come up with different strategies. Following the pairing scheme will help you perform better in your 9th class exams papers. You can also check out the 9th class Physics Guess Paper 2023 here on loresult.com.

Class 9 Physics Pairing Scheme 2023

Multiple Choice Questions:

CHAPTERS                  MCQs                                         CHAPTERS             MCQ’s

CHAPTER No. 1:            2 MCQs                                       CHAPTER No. 2:        1 MCQs

CHAPTER No. 3:            1 MCQs                                       CHAPTER No. 4:        1 MCQs

CHAPTER No. 5:            2 MCQs                                       CHAPTER No. 6:        1 MCQs

CHAPTER No. 7:            1 MCQs                                       CHAPTER No. 8:        1 MCQs

CHAPTER No. 9:            2 MCQs

Short Questions:

Question #2:                                      (Attempt any 5 Questions)

CHAPTER # 1, Short Questions:

CHAPTER # 2,               Short Questions: 3

CHAPTER # 3,               Short Questions: 2

Question # 3:                                     (Attempt any 5 Questions)

CHAPTER # 4,               Short Questions: 3

CHAPTER # 5,               Short Questions: 2

CHAPTER # 6,               Short Questions: 3

Question #4:                                     (Attempt any 5 Questions)

CHAPTER # 7,                Short Questions: 3                  

CHAPTER # 8,                Short Questions: 2

CHAPTER # 9,                Short Questions: 3

Long Questions:

Q#5 (a) 2 (Numerical/ [Most probably Numerical] / Theory), (b) 3 (Numerical / Theory)

Q#6 (a) 4 (Numerical/ [Most probably Numerical] / Theory), (b) 6 (Numerical / Theory)

Q#7 (a) 7 (Numerical/ [Most probably Numerical] / Theory), (b) 8 (Numerical / Theory)

NOTE: You Can Attempt any 2 Questions Out of 3

Theoretical =             4 Marks                                  Numerical =                    5 Marks

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