Great news for all the video content creators that OpenAI is going to launch its new and latest AI model called Sora very shortly. This is a text to video AI model. It will be one of the most exciting AI model you have every witnessed yet. It will be going to make imaginative and realistic videos based on the script you provide to it.

Sora is very powerful model to create movie scenes and graphics for your videos. There are rumors that it will be going to portrait some Hollywood movies scenes as well.  The model Sora will be able to make a one minute long video scene based on the script provided to it.

How to make money with Sora New OpenAI Model?

There are several ways you can earn money using your imaginative work with OpenAI Sora. You can make money from Sora using Instagram, YouTube shorts, Tiktok and many other platforms. People saying that the AI videos are not monetized on YouTube and other platforms but still you can make huge money with advertisements and affiliate marketing. There are so many Instagram influencers who are not real and making huge amount of money with AI. Now with Sora sky is the limit for such content on these famous social media platforms.

Text to Video OpenAI Sora Model launching soon

Sora will be very helpful in create educational content to give education. It will make life easier for the students to learn from visuals and videos. So educational section may benefit more from this OpenAI model. Marketing and advertising field is the other section which will benefit very much from Sora. The ads can be created with and you don’t have to cast any model to pay any money.

Pros and Cons of Sora OpenAI Model

There will be many benefits of Sora for the positive thinking people to get their imaginative work a real life. They can use the power of Sora to reflect their imaginatively in their videos by just providing best Sora prompts. It will help the Gaming community to develop more realist games as well. There will be big boost in the cartoon world with new and more imaginative cartoon characters.

There will be some cons of this text to video AI tools as well. People with the negative thoughts can use this to make fake videos of famous personalities. As it looks so real people can think that these are real videos. So with the pros there are some cons of this technology as well. But it all depends on our use of this wonderful AI technology.

How we should Use Sora Text to Video Tool

It will be going to help us create one minute videos from scratch based on our text prompt.

The tool will be able to extend existing videos forwards or backwards in time as well.

Sora will generate videos from still images that you provide.

You can get high-resolution videos with and realistic dynamics may be with sound.

This OpenAI model will be able to simulate complex physical phenomena like snow particles and refractions in high quality videos.

Check the video created by the Sora AI model. A beautiful girl in Tokyo walking with a hand carry. Looks real but it is created by Sora.

OpenAI’s Sora website:
Sora demonstration video:
Blog post explaining Sora:

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