The University Of Chenab Gujrat UCHENAB is a leading educational institute is now taking the admissions form form candidates who have the complete interest to get the admission in many BS subjects. Students can now have complete opportunity to pursue education in different number of departments mentioned below for the information of all candidates.

DEPARTMENT OF ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT Medical Imaging Sciences BS Medical Laboratory Sciences BS    DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES BS English Admission  
DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS EDUCATION Accounting and Finance BS Business Administration BBA  DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACY Doctor of Pharmacy Pharma D    
DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCES COMPUTER SCIENCES BS SOFTWARE ENGINEERING BS  Department of Physical Sciences BS Mathematics admission BS Physics Admissions  
 DEPARTMENT OF TECHNOLOGY BSC Civil Engineering Admission in UCHENAB  

visit www.uchenab.edu.pk official webpage of the university and get the online form portal where you can insert your details and apply for admissions in the above provided subjects. This is the best Gujrat University with variety of facilities.

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