Telenor Quiz Today Answers 6 May 2021

Telenor Quiz is now a famous answers question in Pakistan. Many Telenor user can avail the opportunity. This service has become very popular in Pakistan people have started taking more interest in My Telenor app questions today. Telenor network in Pakistan provide an idea of question and answer from their customers. If a customer gives correct answers of daily 5 questions of Telenor quiz, he / she can get 50 to 100 MBs daily.

In this post you can get today Telenor quiz dated 6 May 2021 questions and answers. Telenor is providing a simple plat form to get free internet data. If a user have a smart phone and internet connection, he / she can download Telenor app from play store. Register your Telenor contact number in the application and open test your skills button. You will get five questions. You have to answer them. If you are correct to answer all questions, you would get 50 or 100 MBS daily. Here you can get all questions answers on daily basis. Just visit here to see your daily Telenor quiz answers and get free MBS.

 How to win Telenor free internet

Just follow below answers we have given and with the help of these answers you can easily get Telenor free Mbs data upto one hundred MBs.

 6 May today Telenor quiz answers

Q No 1:

Who built the Lahore Fort Shahi Qila?

Shah Jahan




Ans: Akbar

Q No 2

What is chocolate made from?




cocoa beans

Ans:   Cocoa Beans

Q No 3

Which economist is known as the father of economics?

Arthur Cecil

Irving Fisher

Adam Smith

David R

Ans: Adam Smith


What is the name of the largest desert of Pakistan?





Ans: Thar


What is the total area of Azad Kashmir?

1000 kmsq.

2000 kmsq.

13297 kmsq

3000 kmsq.

Ans: 13297 kms

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