All those students who have passed Matriculation in 2023 and are studying in 11th class or 1st year in a Government College or Technical College or any such institution approved by Government of Pakistan in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir or Gilgit-Baltistan, are eligible to apply. It should be noted that this scholarship is given to students from the most backward areas and God-given ability from the time of matriculation to becoming engineers, doctors, etc.

Those students who are currently studying in Class 11 and after intermediation in Medical, Engineering, Hospitality, Sea Breathing, Agriculture, Business, information technology or want to pursue degree in any other subject can apply.

Dalda Foundation is well aware that some sectors will be very depressed in the near future. Keeping this in mind, Dalda Foundation has decided that if a student opts for any of these courses at the undergraduate level, then Dalda Foundation will give special concession in its Rajhan Test.


Animal Science



Hotel Management

Maritime Science


Information Technology

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants should be citizens of Pakistan or Azad Kashmir or Gilgit-Baltistan and have prepared permanent residence in any part of Pakistan. Age of applicant Not more than 19 years by October 15, 2023. Applicant’s matric result should have come. The monthly salary of the prospective guardian should not exceed 40,000/-.

The total area of the applicant’s house or flat should not exceed 120 square feet or equivalent. (Also, this condition will apply to those who live in tens of thousands)

Revocation of approval

Candidates will be approved for scholarship on the basis of merit and eligible students will undergo a regular written test (aptitude test) and an interview with the parent or superintendent of the candidate. The scholarship will be suspended if a scholar fails the zip hold examination or does not appear in the next examination or does not obtain the prescribed results. Any unethical or intolerable behavior like transfer will be disqualified immediately. Special concession given to children of employees of Dalda Foods or its affiliates.

Aspirants who have passed their Matriculation in 2023 and are currently studying in Kiar Hoi Jamaat are also eligible to apply. The aspirants have passed the ‘Hayul’ examinations under the Cambridge system and will attend a government college in any part of Pakistan. I am reading first. are eligible to apply.

Applicants need not be eligible which will be investigated after passing the aptitude test of the candidate.

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Dalda Foundation Professional Scholarship Scheme 2023

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