Today we are going to share the latest and new model paper class 10 BIO 2024. This sample paper is in PDF format and you can download the model paper from here. This model paper is comprised of 3 parts and it is 3 hours long. The 1st part is the objective type or MCQs section and it is 15 minutes long with 12 marks. The 2nd part or section is a subjective type short question section with 48 Marks and it is 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Here you will find 3 question and you have to answer and 5 sub questions of these 3. The last section is the long question section where you are given 3 question and you have to attempt any 2 questions. It is a 18 marks section.

We have explained it in detail for further more details and you can check this model paper.

Download BISE Lahore Class 10 Biology Model Paper 2024.

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