A new grading formula is being introduced by IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen) for the 9th and 11th class board examinations 2024. It is a big news for the students that now the marks will be judged as grades and no more divisions. This grading system is applied in bachelors and above but now IBCC decide to apply it for the board results as well.

This grading system will be applicable from the start of the next year 2024 for 9th and 11th class students. Now all the boards will give grades or CGPA to the students according to marks obtained with this new grading system or scheme. The grades range from 0 to 5. Here we are sharing the grades and marks percentage to understand more. Now the passing marks are set at 40% for the students.

Marks Obtained (in %)DescriptionLetter Grade5.0 Scale (CGPA)
95% to 100%ExceptionalA++5.0
90% to 94%OutstandingA+4.7
85% to 89%ExcellentA4.3
80% to 84%Very GoodB++4.0
75% to 79%GoodB+3.7
70% to 74%Fairly GoodB3.3
60% to 69%Above AverageC3.0
50% to 59%AverageD2.0
40% to 49%Below AverageE1.0
Less Than 40%Unsatisfactory/ FailU0
New Grading Scheme in Pakistan 2024

The new grading scheme is announced for all the board in Pakistan by IBCC. Inter Boards Coordination Commission (IBCC) made this decision in a meeting in October this year 2023. All the boards representatives from all over Pakistan were present in the meeting for new marking system. It looks like a good step get forward to a better education system in Pakistan. We hope that this will bring goods in educational system now.

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