Mufti Aziz Scandle

A famous Mufti Aziz ur Rehman who is currently associated with Jamia Manzoor-ul-Islam, has been charge with very wrong act with Madrassa student and now his video gone viral on the internet. Manzool ul Islam a reputed Islamic institute located in Lahore and now the reputation of the institute damaged by this act.

Before complete video viral on the internet, Mufti came on the screen and give explanation of his recent act.

Mufti explain well in the video and take oath on the Quran and disclosed that he was not in consciousness to determine the situation and he says that I was drunk and someone given me drink and made my video.

He further says that the video is some time old and someone takes out as a reaction of hostility.

Mufti Aziz ur rehman scandle Video Explanation

Moreover, student states that he has been victimized and mufti is saying false everything.

The seminary student made the video when he gets the sexual assaulted 2nd time because no one believed him that mufti is doing wrong.

The notification stated on June 8, 2021, The mufti was discontinued from all services in the institute on June 03, 2021 but there was no FIR registered against 70 years old.

FIR On mufti Manzoor

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