Muhammad Rauf Waris is a student from Pakistan who studies at Stirling University. He was arrested for breaking the rules of his student visa. The rules say he can only work for 20 hours a week, but he was accused of working more than that.

Waris said he did not break the rules and showed proof, but he still had to go to court. The court did not let him go and sent him to a place called Dungavel, where they keep people who have problems with their visas. He has been there for two months and cannot get out.

This Pakistani Student Was Arrested for Working Too Much. What Happened Next Will Surprise You!

Support for Waris

Many people are supporting Waris and want him to be free. They are students, human rights groups, and other organizations. The supporters include Amnesty International, Student Action for Refugees, NUS Scotland, and No Evictions Network.

They wrote a letter together and asked the government to look at Waris’s case again. They also asked the government to let him go as soon as possible. They said that keeping people like Waris in Dungavel is bad for their mental health.

Home Office Response

The Home Office is the part of the government that deals with visas and immigration. They said they did the right thing by arresting Waris. They said they want to stop people from working illegally and cheating the immigration system. They said this is bad for the country and the people who live here.

Alyn Smith is a politician who represents the area where Waris lives. He is trying to help Waris by talking to the Home Office. He wants to know why Waris has to stay in Dungavel for so long.

Waris’s Condition

Waris said he is very sad and stressed because of his situation. He misses his family and his studies. He is uncertain about his future. He hopes he can get out of Dungavel soon and continue his education.

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  1. In first you need to correct your statement because Mr Muhammad Rauf Waris not in jail. He is in detention center not in jail

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