The FBISE or Federal board has announced its date sheet 2024 for the 9th class. The board is going to starts its exams on the 1st of March 2024 Friday. The papers will be held in the 2 sections or groups. The first part or the morning shift will start from 9 AM and will end on 12:00 in noon. We have shared all the latest results and news updates regarding exams 2024 for FBISE students and all other boards of Pakistan. You can download the SSC part 1 and part 2 date sheet in PDF format from this website for free.

Arrival of Students at Exam centre Closing of Students’ entry in Exam Centre Opening/Start of Paper:Morning at 08:30am Morning at 08:55am Morning at 09:00amDATE & DAYMORNING SESSION 09:00am to 12:00 Noon (PST)01-03-2024 Friday1. English Compulsory- (001) 2. English Compulsory-I (HIC)(201)02-03-2024 Saturday1. Mathematics General-II (614) 2. Mathematics-Il (HIC)(710)03-03-2024 SundayCLOSED DAY04-03-2024 Monday1. Urdu Compulsory – (002) 2. Urdu Compulsory – (HIC) )(202)1. Cosmetology (Hair and Beauty Services)-II(621) 6. Graphic Designing-II (633)05-03-20242. Introduction to Tourism-II (623)7. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System(I)-II(635)3. Applied Electrician-II (625)8. Dress Making-II (639)Tuesday4. Applied Electrician-II (HIC) (825)9. Dress Making-II (HIC) (839)5. Professional Cooking-II (630)10. Internet of Things Software Development-II (640)06-03-2024 Wednesday1. Mathematics General-| (114) 2. Mathematics- (HIC)(210)07-03-2024 Thursday1. General Science- II (515) 2. Computer Science-II (HIC) (In Lieu ofGen.Science) (751)1. Cosmetology (Hair and Beauty Services)-(121) 8. Graphic Designing-I (133)2. Introduction to Tourism-I (123)9. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System(I)-I (135)08-03-20243. Applied Electrician-I (125)10. Dress Making-I (139)Friday4. Applied Electrician-I (HIC) (325)11. Dress Making-I (HIC) (339)5. Applied HVACR-I (127)12. Internet of Things Hardware Development-l (141)6. Professional Cooking-I (130)7. Introduction to Hotel Management-l (132)09-03-2024 Saturday1. Pakistan Studies-II (606) (2-1/2 hour 2. Pakistan Studies-II (HIC)(806) (2-1/2 hourduration) duration)10-03-2024 SundayCLOSED DAY11-03-2024 Monday1. English Compulsory-II (501) 2. English Compulsory-II (HIC)(701)12-03-2024 Tuesday1. General Science-I (015) 2. Computer Science-I (HIC) (In Lieu ofGen.Science) (251)13-03-20241. Islamiyat Compulsory-II (608)(2-1/2 hourduration) 3. Islamiyat Compulsory-II (HIC)(808)(2-1/2 hour duration)Wednesday2. Islamiyat Compulsory – II (New) (618)4. Ikhlaqiyat (Ethics)-II (638)1. Esthetics (Hair And Beauty Services)- (122)8. Media Production-I (134)2. Toursim Management- (124)9. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System(11)-1(136)14-03-20243. Industrial Electrician-I (126)10. Fashion Designing-I (137)4. Industrial Electrician – (HIC) (326)11. Fashion Designing-I (HIC) (337)Thursday5. Basic of HVACR-I (128)12. Internet of Things Software Development- (140)6. Fundamentals of Cooking- (129)7. Working Principle of Hotel Management-l(131)15-03-2024 Friday1. Urdu Compulsory-II (502) 2. Urdu Compulsory-II (HIC)(702)16-03-20241. Pakistan Studies- (106) (2-1/2 hour duration)Saturday2. Pakistan Studies- (HIC)(306) (2-1/2 hourduration)17-03-2024 SundayCLOSED DAY1. Islamiyat Compulsory-I (Old)(108) (2-1/2hour duration)18-03-20242. Islamiyat Compulsory- (New)(118)(2-1/2hour duration)Monday3. Islamiyat Compulsory- (HIC)(308) (2-1/2hour duration)4. Ikhlaqiyat (Ethics)-I (138)

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