University of Punjab Online admissions forms are available now for all interested candidates. Now students from around the Pakistan can apply in many areas in many programs. All students who want to get the admission can apply in many areas including Faculties Archaeology (M&S.S), English (M&R), French (M). Arts & Humanities History (M), Pak, Studies (SS). Behavioral & Social Sciences Information & Media Studies Commerce Business, Economics & Administrative Sciences Electrical, Energy & Environmental Engineering Chemical and Materials Engineering Quality & Industrial Systems Engineering Education Islamic Studies Life Sciences Philosophy (M&R). Physical Education (M&S.S) Political Science (M), International Relation (SS), Social Work (M&S.S) Social Work Entrepreneurship (M&SS). Gender Studies (M&S.S), Applied Psychology (M&SS), Clinical Psychology (M&S.S), Saciology (M&SS), Criminology (M&S.S), Public Health (M&S.S), Human Nutrition & Dietetics (M&S.S), Workplace Health & Safety Promotion (M&SS), Demography (M&SS) Communication Studies (M&S.S), Journalism Studies (M&S.S), Public Relations and Advertising (M&5.5), Film and Broadcast Media Studies (SS), Digital Media and Communication (M&S.S), Media and Development Communication (M&S.5), Information Management (M&A) Commerce (M/S.S&E), E Commerce (M/S.S&E). Accounting & Finance (M/S.S & E), Accounting & Taxation (M/S.S&E), BBA (Hons.)-Hailey College of Banking & Finance (M, A&E) Economics (M&S.S), Business Economics (M&5.5), Management (M&SS). BBA (Hons.) (M&SS), BBIT (M&R) B. Sc (Engg.) Electrical Engineering (M) B.Sc. (Engg.) Energy Engineering (M) B.Sc (Engg) Chemical Engineering (M&SS) B.Sc (Engg.) Chemical Engineering with specialization in Petroleum and Gas Engineering (M&S.S) B.Sc(Engg.) Metallurgy & Materials Engineering (M&SS) B.Sc (Engg.) Industrial Engineering & Management (M) Education (Elementary) (M&SS), Education (Secondary) (M&S,S). Education (Islamic) (M&S.5). English (Applied Linguistics) (M&S.S), Education (Research & Assessment) (M&S.S), Business Education (M&S.5). Science Education (M&S.S), Technology Education (M&S.S), Education (Early Childhood) (M&S.S) Islamic Studies (Specialization: Quran & Uloom ul Quran, Hadith & Uloom ul Hadith, Seerah & History, Study of World Religions) (M), Islamic Studies (Specialization: Study of World Religions) (S.S). Islamic Studies (Tafsir-o-Hadith) (M&SS) Botany (M&S.S), Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (M&SS), Zoology (M&S.S), Biochemistry (M&5.5), Biotechnology (M&S.S) Agriculture (M&R), Agricultural Sciences Food Science and Technology (SS) 5th Semester (in Place Old M.A/M.Sc.) Archaeology (M&S.S), English (M&S.S), History (M), French (M), Pak, Studies(SS), Philosophy (M&R), Physical Education (M&SS) Political Science (M), International Relations (5.5), Social Work (M). Sociology (M&S.S), Criminology (SS), Gender Studies (M&S.S), Applied Psychology (M&S.S) Communication Studies (SS), Journalism Studies

Punjab University Bachelor programs last date for submission of form is 07 August 2023. Further more instructions are available now on the official website page of Punjab University. Download complete advertisement here on this webpage.

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