Cholistan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Bahawalpur admissions are now open for all general public in numerous programs.

Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Veterinary Science BS Applied Microbiology

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Morning)

BS Medical Laboratory Technology (Morning & Evening)

Faculty of Bio-Sciences BS Biochemistry (Morning & Evening)

BS Biological Sciences (Morning) BS Biotechnology (Morning)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Morning) BS Chemistry (Morning)

BS Computer Science (Morning) BS Food Science & Technology

BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Morning)

BS Zoology (Morning & Evening)

BS Zoology,

5th Semester Intake (Morning) Postgraduate Programs (Morning) Faculty of Animal Production & Technology

M. Phil Animal Nutrition

M. Phil Animal Breeding & Genetics

M. Phil Biochemistry

M. Phil Fisheries and Aquaculture

M. Phil Food Science and Technology

M. Phil Livestock Management

M. Phil Microbiology

M. Phil Pharmacology & Toxicology

M. Phil Pathology

M. Phil Poultry Science

M. Phil Zoology PhD Zoology

BS Poultry Science (Morning & Evening)

Associate Degree Programs (2-Years)

Animal Sciences (Morning)

Business Administration (Morning)

Computer Science (Morning)

Food Science and Technology (Morning)

Poultry Science (Morning)

Diploma & Short Courses Livestock Assistant Diploma

(Morning & Evening) Poultry Assistant Diploma (Morning)

Artificial Insemination Technician (Morning)

Dairy Farm Manager (Morning)

Poultry Farm Manager (Morning)

Village Veterinary Worker (Morning)

ICT based Livestock Education (Online)

Online portal is available from 13 June 2023 and last date for submission of form is 11 August 2023. You can now visit on for online registration. This is a great opportunity for all students to get direct admission in CUVAS.

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