US ZIP Code List by State

ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. ZIP codes were introduced in 1963 to help the mail travels to find out the destination quickly and more efficiently. It was quite easy to find out the location using the postal or ZIP codes. The basic ZIP code format had 5 digits but in 1983 ZIP+4 known as plus-four codes, add-on codes or add-ons. These codes had the five digits of the ZIP Code plus followed by a hyphen (-) and 4 digits that designated a further specific location. The term ZIP Code was at first registered as a service mark by the United States Postal Service and its registration ended or expired in 1997.

Normally the ZIP code is written with the city name and address does not mean that the located in that particular city. There is one preferred place name that Postal services designate for all ZIP codes especially in US. The ZIP code can be a sub-entity of a large city, incorporated town or city, an unincorporated census-designated place, or even a small unincorporated community as well. There are some places for many Postal codes that are acceptable for those ZIP Codes. Usually if wrong code is used it will result in a delay in the delivery at the end.

United States ZIP Codes Lookup 2024

Zip codes have been used in US repeatedly and effectively to manage users' demographic details. For instance, marketing companies send big mailing time and again to homes in high-income zip codes. This aptitude to communicate with a larger percentage of their target audience is valuable to companies and other organizations, and can be further enhanced. A big number of matching groups of demographic data will assist recipients better match the information they require to raise the ROI capability for all direct mail. This kind of grouping can be completed in many ways like through Carrier Route, Zip + 4 or even Geo-codes.

Robert Moon gave the vision of ZIP code and further the evolutions made it more effective and valuable. It really saved the saved the Postal Service billions of dollars in costs that they passed beside in savings to customers. It also helped reframe American economic increase right through the 20th century.

Here we have arranged all the zip codes state wise for your convenience. Just click on your US state name and get all the ZIP code related information and details according to USPS and other online sources.