Slang Dictionary with Slang Urdu and English Words Meanings

Slang Words & Terms Dictionary List

Slangs are the terms widely used in our life. Slang means Aamiyana Boli or Awaami Alfaaz in Urdu. These words are unauthorized but famous in daily chats. These slangs terms can be a word, phrase etc. We have a huge list of Slang terms with meaning which are widely used in everyday life.

# Slang Words Meaning
1 A&F always and forever
2 A.I.M. aol instant messanger
3 A/L age and location
4 A/M away message
5 A/S/L age,sex,location
6 A/S/L/P age/sex/location/picture
7 A/S/L/R age, sex, location, race
8 A1T anyone there
9 A3 anyplace, anywhere, anytime
10 AAAAA American Assosciation Against Acronym Abuse
11 AABF as a best friend
12 AAF as a friend
13 AAK Alive and Kicking
14 AAMOF as a matter of fact
15 AATF always and totally forever
16 AATW all around the world
17 ABD Already Been Done
18 ABDC America's Best Dance Crew (TV show)
19 ABEND absent by enforced net deprivation
20 ABF All But Face
21 ABFAB Absolutely Fabulous
22 ABG Asian Baby Girl
23 ABH Actual Bodily Harm
24 ABO Aborigine
25 ABOOT about
26 ABP Already Been Posted
27 ABREEV abbreviation
28 ABS Absolutely
29 ABSNT absent
30 ABT about