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Education in Pakistan

Education is the lawful and fundamental right of an individual living in a country. It shows every person character. Whether man or women, child or an older man. Federal Ministry of Pakistan and provisional Education Ministry is the responsible all the education system in Pakistan. Both are attempting to give free and obligatory training between the age of five to sixteen years as mentioned in Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan. You can check all result online 2024 on

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Educations levels in Pakistan

Six different levels in Pakistan to categorize the Education system in Pakistan:

  1. Vocational Education (Technical or Non-technical Education)
  2. Primary Education (1st to 8th standard)
  3. Secondary Education (9th to 12th standard)
  4. Tertiary Education (Bachelor Education)
  5. Quaternary Education (M. Phil Master level Education)
  6. Madrasah (Islamic Education)

Pakistan's Vocational Education System

Vocational Education System in Pakistan is very effective because of large number of students participate every year. Vocational Education and Training (TVET) serves multiple purposes. A key purpose is preparation of youth for work. This education is totally skill learning and make a man perfect with skills. There are only 3,798 TVET institutes in Pakistan with millions of students. The basic vocational training education system in Pakistan including automotive repair, Plumbing, Culinary arts, Graphic design, Fashion design, Welding etc.

Primary & Middle Education in Pakistan

Primary Education in Pakistan has different classes from 1 to 8th standard. Usually we use Primary and Middle classes as 5th grade & 8th grade. There are various other small levels before primary are Nursery, Prep, KG etc. These classes are the base for the students and highly important for children schooling. The children get primary and elementary / Middle education efficient then it leads to very sharp students in the future.

According to latest figures of Primary students in Pakistan, almost 18.4% children are enrolled now in elementary education schools. Approximately 2% average students are increasing every year.

Secondary Education System (Matric & Inter)

There are millions of students appeared in Matric and Inter exams every year in Pakistan. Secondary education in Pakistan starts after 8th class in the schools. Mostly students decide their future fields at this stage. Important classes 9th class, 10th class, 11th class and 12th class consider in secondary education and higher secondary education in Pakistan. According to survey in 2014-2015 in high education there are 2.3% institutes and 12.9% of students rations increased. 1.67 Million Students with 118100 teachers are performing well in Secondary education.

Tertiary Education in Pakisan

Tertiary Education System in Pakistan is also called University Education in Pakistan. There are different classes including 14th years of education in Pakistan. These programs refer to the higher studies and many universities in different disciplines including Arts, Science, Management studies, Computer studies, engineering, Medical and many other offers admissions every year.

According to 2015 Survey details tells us that:

1400 Degree Colleges in Overall Pakistan
Total teachers were about 36600 in ratio to 2014 strength.
Almost 1.14 Million students got admission in degree colleges.

Pakistan's Quaternary Educational System

Quaternary Educational means research education in Pakistan. Students who get the degree of Tertiary Education, He / She can get admission in M. Phil and PhD to increase further their knowledge and do some research on the study. In Quaternary Education System in Pakistan there is large advancement in the subject which students choose and get peak level Knowledge in Higher studies. In Pakistan Famous Quaternary education Systems subjects including Science, Technology, Arts, Business, Economics, etc.

Today almost 170 Universities are awarding Degrees to students 1.29 Million Students have enrolled in both private and government sectors.

Madrassah System in Pakistan

Every Education system in Pakistan is important in different aspects. Madrassah System has much important like other. This system refers the Islamic knowledge for muslims. There are variety of lessons which are learned by the Madrassah System student including Tafseer-e-Quran, Islamic Laws as Fiqah, and famous books of Hadis (Hadith) (the sayings of Muhammad PBUH). There is totally education of Islam in the Madrassah System. Wifaq ul Madaris is leading institute to take exams for different courses of Islam. There is also students can understand the knowledge of Maths, Science, philosophy in Islamic logic.

There are 16,000 registered madrasas in Pakistan and many more unregistered madrasas also. There are also 2. 5 Million Students are enrolled in Madrassa’s in Pakistan.

Educational Literacy Rate in Provisions of Pakistan in the last ten years

High Literacy rate in the country shows the nations education level. High literacy rate in the country is very important for an educated society. They devote all work for the setup of good education. Government of Pakistan takes initiative of 11th Five years Development Plan from 2013 to 2018 which clearly states that the education in the county will be promoted. This plan work effectively and shows the positive improvement in education sector with approx. 4.0 of GDP expenditures to Education.
You can see below a chart of literacy rate in Pakistan from 2012 to 2017:


Adult total

Adult male













Problems that Educational System of Pakistan is facing

Pakistan is a large country with high growth rate of 2.1% in the world population survey conducted in 2018. With high growth rate, it is very difficult to manage everything properly. There are several other issues always facing by Pakistan like unemployment, terrorism, economic crisis, and circular debts etc. with all these problems, Pakistan education system will never strong as it should be. Because of poverty in Pakistan, many students are not able to enroll in the schools. You can consider following problem of education system in Pakistan:
Low enrolling rate of children: We have a large problem of education system in Pakistan that there is very low rate of children which enroll in the schools. Almost 22.6 Million children are out of school in 2016 survey.
Infrastructure building problem:  The School building structures in Pakistan is worse. According to a survey there is almost 9 out of hundred schools are have no proper building and students have no shelters to sit inside the school and they sit outdoor of the schools. Besides this Private schools in Pakistan have better facilities like water point, furniture, electricity etc. than Government schools in Pakistan.
Teachers Qualification: Teachers education in Pakistan is not efficient as compare to other countries.  As per survey in 2014-15 shows that the competent and professional teachers are the asset of the nations they impact the whole education system because of their knowledge and activities. Unfortunately in Pakistan many areas have non-qualified and unprofessional teachers that leads to low literacy rate in Pakistan. There is approx. 41% teachers have no minimum bachelor’s degree.
Come to an end that Education is very important for every society because education is the power and with the help of education, we can solve dozens of problem in our Pakistan.

Pakistan Education Updates

Education sector in Islamic Republic of Pakistan is extremely large, it starting from Primary level of education to higher studies. Large number of student in Pakistan get admissions directly in different educations institutes. Students are always finding a best and simple platform to get latest updates regarding their result, admissions, dates sheet etc. LORESULT is a best platform to keep you updates regarding education of BISE, Colleges and universities all over the Pakistan. Students have a great opportunity on this site to get latest BISE, Universities all classes Model Papers / Past Papers of every subject. There are large numbers of different institutes in Pakistan which provide updates on daily basis. We will provide you these updates in simple and efficient. Students can also find a best school, college and university for his / her education with all complete set of details about the institute which will be helped full for students. Different areas of students can check institute details as they need.

What is wrong with Pakistan education system?

There are many problems with Pakistan education for example lack of budget, lack of policy implementation, defective examination system, poor physical facilities, lack of teacher quality, lack of implementation of education policies and so on.

Is Pakistan a good country to study?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan has a huge deal to offers for international students, with a rich diversity in its culture, landscapes and very friendly people and well-respected universities.

Are girls allowed education in Pakistan?

Yes there are many schools and colleges for only women and there is co-education system for boys and girls as well.

What is the education rate in Pakistan?

The education rate or the literacy rate was around 59%, with less than 47% of women being literate and more than 71% for men.

Does Pakistan have a good education system?

There is a good number of graduates that Pakistan produces every year. About 445,000 university graduates and 80,000 computer science graduates Pakistan produces each year.

What are 3 types of education?

We in Pakistan have about 3 different types of educations. These types are Formal, Informal and Non-formal.

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