AI Prompts to Solve 9th Class Maths Exercise 1 Punjab Boards

AI has become a part of our daily life with the use of Mobile phones and Computers. Everyone is using the AI technologies like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Bing Copilot and WhatsApp Meta AI in his life to solve problems and work fast. Students can use the AI in a positive way to understand and learn more for free. It provides fast and reliable answers to the questions you ask.

Today we are going to share the method and ways to give mathematics question prompts to AI. As you know that typing Matrix in computer is not a simple process. But with the help of this post you can easily provide a Matrix prompt to ChatGPT or Google Gemini to get your Math’s question solved in seconds. It will help you get outstanding marks in the 9th class result Punjab board.

AI Prompts to Solve 9th Class Math Matrix Problems Punjab Boards

We are starting from the 1st chapter of the Matric Part 1 Punjab board Mathematics note book. Here are the prompts to get complete detailed answer from AI for the difficult questions of Maths.

Punjab Board SSC part 1 Book Chapter 1 Matrix Prompts for Exercise 1

Just copy these prompts into the ChatGPT input box and press enter to get your answer.

Question No. 3




is equal to



Then find a and b

Question No. 4


Matrix A




Matrix B



Then find the following

(i) 2A + 3B (ii) -3A + 2B

(iii) -3(A + 2B) (iv) 2/3(2A – 3B)

Question No. 5

Find the value of X, if



Plus X is equal to



Question No. 6

If A =



and B =



Then prove that

(i) AB ≠ BA (ii) A(BC) = (AB)C

Questions No. 7

If A =



and B =



then verify that

(i) (AB)^t = B^t A^t (ii) (AB)^-1 = B^-1 A^-1

Question No. 8

Let M =



be a 2-by-2 matrix. A real number λ is called

Determinant of M, denoted by det M such that

det M = ad – bc = λ

Question No. 9

Let M be a square matrix ,





equal to


multiply with



where det M = ad – bc ≠ 0

Question No. 10

The solution of a linear system of equations,

ax + by = m

cx + dy = n

by expressing in the matrix form



multiply by



is eqult to



is given by



is eqult to




multiplied by



if the coefficient matrix is non-singular.

These are the most difficult questions prompts if you want to type them in ChatGPT 3, 4 or Google Gemini. We think this will help you type the matrix questions in the Chat GPT input box with easy. If you have any question or you want to get any question prompt please do comment below.

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